Whose oil conveys destroyed Russian jets?

Russian Defence Ministry accused Turkey of oil trade with ISIL. It is hard blow on Turkish image in the world. Turkey needed to deny allegations. Its current explanation: it was Kurdish oil.
Daily Sabah newspaper wrote: “The recent allegations put forth by Russia on Turkey – Daesh oil trade, which also involved Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, were denied by Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials.
Sherko Jawdat, the chairman of the KRG Parliament’s Energy Committee, said on Thursday that the oil tankers shown in the aerial photos and footage presented by Russia as evidence of the alleged trade are in fact carrying oil from the KRG to Ceyhan terminal in southern Turkey”.
Turkey really deals with Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government in oil trade and enlarges its cooperation. But Russian side quickly published new videos from Aleppo region, i.e. too far from Iraqi Kurdistan. What is the origin of this oil? It can’t come there from Iraq without ISIL.




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