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Watch: What the Venezuelan Opposition Wants to Do With Power

Overturning protections for workers and the Venezuelan constitution are on the right wing’s agenda.

After nearly 17 years out of power, the Venezuelan right now has a supermajority in Congress. What are they planning to do with their newfound power?

According to some of the opposition’s key figures: Roll back protections for labor, shut down public broadcasters, and even overturn the Venezuelan constitution, approved by over 70 percent of voters in a referendum held in 1999. In other words, with its power to throw out existing laws, the opposition—now a parliamentary majority—will try its best to undo the last decade and a half of change.

Cipriana Ramos is both a leading opposition lawmaker and the head of one of Venezuela’s largest business organizations. That is a good indication of whose interests she believes the state ought to serve.

In fact, Ramos is on record as stating that even Venezuela’s labor laws “can’t exist to benefit workers.”


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