US military equipment to be moved to storage area in Lithuania

Ministry of national defence of Lituania inform that the US enlarge its military presence in Baltic region.

With the active part of the training cycle completed, soldiers of the U.S. rotational forces deployed to Lithuania for training and exercising with Lithuanian troops will move their equipment and vehicles via roads to Mumaičiai. The U.S. military personnel will transport their military equipment and vehicles of various purposes, including the Abrams main battle tanks and the Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, from different Lithuania’s training areas to Mumaičiai, where the total of roughly 50 vehicles and equipment will be amassed in December.

The equipment and vehicles, a portion of the European Activity Set (EAS), will be stored in Mumaičiai, a territory of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, midway between Šiauliai and Radviliškis. Later, roughly 200 pieces of U.S. military equipment and vehicles will be brought additionally, which will enable training a company-sized unit.

The decision to store the U.S. equipment in Mumaičiai was followed by preparations of infrastructure: hangars where the allies’ equipment will be kept were refurbished and security of the territory was tightened.

Future plans of infrastructure refurbishment in Mumaičiai also cover roads and repair facility, installation of new grounds for vehicle wash, refuelling, and ammunition storage, and also building other infrastructure necessary for storing military equipment.

The heavy U.S. equipment will be kept in Šiauliai district till spring when new major joint Lithuanian-U.S. field training exercises will begin.

Several options were proposed in preparation for the long-term staging of U.S. equipment in Lithuania. Mumaičiai was chosen for the convenient communication with the Air Force Base, the proximity of railway, a well-developed road network, and conformity of the infrastructure with U.S. requirements.

The U.S. land forces maintain a rotational presence in the Baltic States since spring 2014. The rotational U.S. forces train with their own equipment.

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