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The festival of documentary films took place in Berlin

The festival of documentary films took place in Berlin. It was organized by an independent journalistic Club Reporter Publishing House and EMA European Media Agency GmbH. The festival was dedicated to the Odessa massacre May 2, 2014. Films of authors from Germany, Ukraine and Russia were shown at the festival.
“Each author in his film tried to tell about the terrible page of history of the beautiful Ukrainian city of Odessa. Participants and witnesses of those tragic events tell their stories. We want you to reflect on what is going in today’s Ukraine “, – the organizers noticed.
At the festival were presented documentaries “Ukrainian agony” (Mark Bartalmai), “Split” (Olga Borodina), “Burning Heart” (Anna Sinyukova), “Burn” (Arkady Mamontov), “Quick fire” (Arkady Mamontov).
The festival was held for three days – 17-19 December. The first day was held Skype conference with Odessa, which was for relatives of the victims in the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014. The second day was entirely devoted to viewing and discussion of the films. The third day Skype conference was held with the Odessa politician Igor Markov, arrested in Italy on trumped up charges of Ukraine. The same day, the jury selected the winner and awarded prizes.
The winner was German journalist Mark Bartalmai with the film “Agony of Ukraine”.

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