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Lawlessness in Odessa

Ukrainian fascists interfered in the work of the court in an unprecedented scale.
The trial about mass unrest on May 2, 2014 continues in Odessa at about a year. This process has been criticized by international human rights organizations for a long time. The accused men belong to the injured side, the prosecution can not formulate their guilt, the court sessions break under various pretexts. Recently, lawyers have filed a petition, they asked to release the accused from custody on bail. The court granted the petition of lawyers.
After that furious Banderovists started their violence in Odessa. A small gang of fascists (about 50 people) decided to do everything possible to accused men were not released.
They attacked the judges of the Malinowski court which proceedings the case, and forced them to resign.

November 30 the fascists besieged the building of the Odessa regional Court of Appeals and forced the chairman of the court to accept a complaint on the decision of the Malinowski court to release the accused on bail. According to Ukrainian law a judge from Court of Appeals has no right to accept such a complaint and to make decision on this subject. However, the pressure of armed bandits was stronger than the law. Court of Appeals not only took up the complaint, which could not take, but also made a decision on it. This decision meets the requirements of the fascists and prohibits release of the accused on bail.
Lawyers of the accused faced with an unprecedented legal situation, the way out is not clear.
Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government does not tire of repeating that the country is “going to Europe”.
The atmosphere of lawlessness compounded the Odessa Governor Saakashvili. He welcomed the actions of the Ukrainian fascists on his Facebook page. He called bandits “patriotic public”.


Next day one of accused started huger strike. His family have already collected sum for the bail and even paid it. They celled a flat for this purpose, but nevertheless he is unable to go out of jail.

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