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Hitler’s fan in the Ukrainian parliament

Yesterday a shocking video was published in Ukraine. It shows Ukrainian member of the parliament Artem Vitko singing song about Adolf Hitler:
“Adolf Hitler is together with us,
Adolf Hitler is in every of us”.

In the same time Vitko is a member of the group for parliament relation between Ukraine and Israel. In fact this is a very strange group. Among MP’s intending to develop Ukrainian-Israel relation we can also find Andriy Biletsky the leader of Nazi military corps “Azov”.

Vitko is a member of Oleg Lyashko Radical Party. In the year of 2014 his was a commander of volunteer battalion Lugansk-1, formed to oppress antifascist uprising in Donbas.
After video was published Vitko states he did not hear well the words of the song. But video proves he acted with clear understanding what song is about.
Amazing politician…

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