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December 6th in Greece: 7 years later…

The year 2015 says farewell to the Greek reality with the workers’ movement, the people and the youth back in the streets. With two massive general strikes in a period of few weeks, (12/11 and 3/12) with the big mobilization for the 43 years from the Polytechnic revolt (17/11), and finally, with the demonstration for the 7 years from the December’s revolt in 2008 (6/12), caused by the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the cop Korkoneas.

December as a month is highly charged for the Greek working class: the youth’s revolt 7 years ago which was characterized as “December’s events” brings in mind the other “December’s events”, those of 1944 and the “battle of Athens” between the partisan army of ELAS on one side and the Greek fascists-Nazi collaborators, the bourgeois democratic state of Papandreou’s government and the English Imperialism on the other. This, according to a big part of the official bourgeois historiography, is the beginning of the Greek civil war. In reality, the Greek revolution had already started in the year 1941 and did not reach to an end until 1949. The defeat of the revolution was in a large scale prepared and predetermined by the shameful “Varkiza treatment”, signed by the Stalinist KKE, for the surrender of ELAS’ weapons to the executioners of the popular revolutionary movement. Not mistakenly, a few decades later, in 2008, one of the basic slogans of the revolt was “Varkiza is over”.

This year’s demo at 6/12 was massive. Not as massive as many people should expect according to the “electricity” that exists in the social atmosphere. Nikos Romanos’ call from prison for a “Black December” and a typical repeat of 2008’s revolt didn’t find massive response and this year’s mobilizations didn’t succeed the boundaries of the far left and the anarchists, showing that the terrorizing campaign from the bourgeois Media had some results, at least in some point. At the same time, a few thousands of people gathered and there were all-night clashes with the riot police in Exarchia neighborhood.

Considering the above there can be some useful assumptions: first, that the revolts and the revolutions cannot be pre-ordered, especially if there is no consideration of how the society as a whole moves.

But also, the most valuable lesson can be taken when we examine not only what we, as working class and the people, have in our own minds, but what the capitalists and their state think.

It is not without any significance the fear that was shown and with which the bourgeois class and the “left government’s” state faced this year’s 6/12: the terrorizing orgy against the people in order not to take part to the demos; the mobilization of 5 to 6.000 policemen in the streets of Athens clearly show that the fears of our enemies are far beyond the expectations and the trust shown to the working class and the upcoming revolution by the so-called “vanguard” in the left organizations.

It is not a coincidence the fact that, 7 years later, this year’s TV time dedicated great attention to the 2008’s revolt with talk-shows and features, even by remembering the long forgotten scenario to stain the revolt, which pointed out a “foreign hand” of CIA and other secret services behind the revolting youth (a scenario that was used in some edition by the Stalinist KKE, too…)

The fears of the bourgeois class don’t lack a realistic basis: the “black hole” of the economic crisis suck in the capitalist system as a whole; the political crisis is shacking many governments and political systems of the European Union; and particularly in Greece, the 3rd Memorandum’s measures have already start to shape the terms of a huge social explosion that beside being the blaster of an international domino, can only find a solution through the smash of one of the two rival social classes.

This is the point that we are right now: in a moment that demands the toughest and most endeavor political, theoretical and organizing preparation for this social explosion, even if this doesn’t follow the logic of the rendezvous and the anniversaries.


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