Daily Archives: December 16, 2015

China | SCO premiers say cooperation on infrastructure a priority

Prime ministers from Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member states have made infrastructure construction a priority for cooperation.

This was outlined in a statement on regional economic cooperation released on Tuesday after the 14th SCO Prime Ministers’ Meeting in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province.

Russia | Ukrainian navy is interested in Russian drilling rig

As we informed situation in the Black sea region becomes worse. On December 14 Crimean oil and gas firm unexpectedly transported two of its boats to the Russian territorial waters. Firms convey met with Turkish ship and this news was seen as a most important. But today we have got information what was the reason to remove boats from their usual place – it was sudden activity of Ukrainian Navy. Late in the evening regional media spread hot news: two Ukrainian war ships reached oil firm’s boat “Tavrida” and demanded its captain to give information on the composition of the crew and the reasons for the presence of Russian drilling rig in the area. Captain refused to inform.
Russian Navy immediately sent several patrol ships to the zone. At this moment no more incidents happened.
This story may be connected to recent statements of Tatar political emigrants from Crimea. The announced seas blockade of Crimea a weak before.

Ukraine | Ukrainians comment recent mass arrests in Krasnogorovka

Krasnogorovka is a small town in Donetsk region controlled by Kiev armed forces.
As Ukrainian media reported, on December 10 it was conducted a special operation in Krasnogorovka based on the principle “to each room”. As a result more than 80 people allegedly involved in rebel’s activity have been detained. http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/3603058-massovye-aresty-v-donbasse-zaderzhannykh-vypuskauit
Many arrested people were not politically active and were not involved in any political or military struggle.
Ukrainians comment this news as shame.
Max Simonov
“This piece is so interesting I couldn’t avoid posting it. SBU (Ukrainian secret service) recently carried out a raid in Ukrainian-controlled village Krasnogorovka which is located not far from Donetsk. They basically caught some locals in a bar, broke into the houses, like they said “in every door” on their way, arresting more than 80 people. Now they’ve come up with an explanation as to why they did it. These citizens have been reported as “disloyal” to the regime and therefore claimed to be separatists by a group of 8000 “real Ukrainian patriots” on a social network. “It had to be done”, explains adviser to the head of SBU, Yuri Tandit. Although I don’t understand how their policy of breaking in every door and grabbing every man can be consistent with selective denunciation of our nazi-patriots. Did they report EVERY resident of Krasnogorovka as disloyal to the regime? Luckily most of the detained people are now free, after being interrogated and undergone “prophylactic reprimand”. Some still remain in detention, though. We are living in a country where delation on a social network can result in mass arrests of innocent people just for disliking our government and our criminal bloody regime”.