Monthly Archives: December 2015

UK | 2016 will be a year of living dangerously for the global economy

Larry Elliott

Economic forecasting is a mug’s game. One thing that has been learned from the financial crisis and Great Recession is that even those equipped with the most sophisticated models get it wrong, sometimes spectacularly.

India | Biggest ever communist rally in India

More than one million communists attented the rally at the start of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Plenum

Putin Sees a Chance for Assad to Stay in Power in Syria

by Henry Meyer

Bolstered by its military campaign in Syria, Russia is moving closer to securing a chance for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to extend his rule in 2017 elections as the U.S. steps up efforts to end almost five years of civil war.

A Global Economic Crisis Made in China?

Minqi Li’s China and the 21st Century Crisis  is published in October 2015. Here he looks at the foundations of what could be the locus of the downfall of capitalism, and why it could happen sooner than we think.

USA | What are the Kurdish Women’s Units fighting for in Syria?

Photo: Young Syrian-Kurdish women take part in a training session organized by the Kurdish Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) on August 28, 2013. BENJAMIN HILLER/AFP/Getty Images

Syria’s Kurds now control a contiguous swath of territory linking the border region of northern Syria all the way to Iraqi Kurdistan. Kurdish forces seized the city of Kobani near the Turkish border in January, and in June took Tel Abyad to the east. The self-governing cantons of Afrin, Kobani and Cizire have set up administrative structures that operate with near complete autonomy from Damascus. Now that the Kurds have effective control of this territory, what they will they do with it? Will they attempt to break away from Syria, and establish an independent Kurdish state? Or will they remain within Syria as an autonomous region?