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Ukrainian state security arrested one of prominent Nazi gangsters

Ukrainian state security unexpectedly arrested Gennady Korban – a gangster from Dnepropetrovsk. He is an active member of oligarch Kolomoysky teem. Before state coup in Ukraine he was known due to raiding and criminal. After Maydan victory Korban supported Nazi gangs, organized terror in Dnepropetrovsk and helped to arm volunteers fought against Donbas. Last time Korban and another member of Kolomoysky team Filatov formed far right political party “Ukrop”. At local elections this party completely defeated president’s party in Dnepropetrovsk region. It is supposed to be a real reason for the arrest. But officially Korban is accused of kidnapping and killing as well as financial support for illegal gangs.
A video of his arrest was published. At the first part of this video you can see Filatov. Hi’s not only political companion but also a Korban’s neighbor.

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