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Seek and destroy

Several amount of details about those snackbars, who shot down an russian’s pilot parachute. Here are they, showing their bounty to the Reuters press-people.


Mass media calls them a “Syrian Turkmens”, but it’s not a very correct thing to say. In the middle of a group you can see a leader of that group (cell). He told himself, that he and his “brave” fighters shot down landing Russian pilots.

At that moment, i should say that shooting down a person, who descent by the parachute from a destroyed aircraft, should not be harmed (unless it’s a paratroopers. It’s regulated by the Geneva convention. Of course, those “Turkmens” ain’t signed a single official paper, but in the other hand – they should have been hammered by the carpet bombing or phosphorus shells. But…let’s return to our main subject. We should give our attention to that fella in a red circle.


Fella got a name – Alpaslan Celik. He is not a “Turkmen” at all. To be precise – he’s a turk, born in Keban, based in Elazig province. Alpaslan is a son of a former mayor. As far as you can see on a map, that city haven’t got any “Turkmen” smell, so to say.


Right now you can have an idea of “Hey, Tima, where’s your proofs on all that mess?” Here they are! Several Turkish sources wrote (about a year ago) a story about an ex-mayor’s son moved to Iraq, with an idea of protecting Turkmen population there. Family name have been changed, but you can see that the face is the very same. I give my proofs via google translator, but you can check a Turkish original source by yourself. (link)


Another article about his crusade into Iraq, but that one comes with new photos (link).


We see the same man.


And after all…we can see a Twitter account of that terrorist cell, here it is:


Well, now comes the time to check the very core of that story. Have you been confused by the photo of armed people in front of a blue flag? That one


You may wonder…what’s that hand gesture they show? It’s not a typical muslin “thumbs up”. Here, same gesture from a Alpaslan’s photos, downloaded via twitter.


That flag and gesture belong to the Turkish youth organization called “Bozkurtlar” (“Gray Wolves”, check the wiki article) who is actually right-wing Turkish nationalists! Wiki says that they are the most radical wing of Turkish radical organizations, who adheres themselves to the ideology of Pan-Turkism and neo-fascism. They’ve participated in political violence, based on an international anti-communism system called “Gladio”. Combatants were accused in several killings and terrorism, including an attempt to kill a Pope John Paul II. And now, from a year 1990 their actions are directed against Kurdish separatists’ movements and ethic and religious minorities.

And here is the Gray Wolves gesture.


So… the epilogue. We found out, that there is no “Syrian turkmens” behind that attack on a Russian military aircraft. Our pilots, who tried to save themselves after their bomber shot down were attacked by the Turkish ultra-right neo-fascists, Turkey’s sitizens, doing their nasty deeds back on Syrian territory.

P.S. On a 26 november we know, that one of the pilots survived the attack and he was rescued by the Syrian special forces operators.


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