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Saakashvili revenges again

It is well known former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili was appointed as a governor of Odessa region in Ukraine. He continues to be scandalous for his conduct in this new status. A new scandalous story took place after local elections late in October. There were several local politicians contesting for mayor of Odessa place. Saakashvili preferred to see at this important position his friend from the USA Alexander Borovik. For this reason Saakshvili personally intervened in agitation and moved Borovik breaking the law. Here is one of examples. Saakashvili and Borovik regale potential voters shashlik (a kind of barbecue). According to Ukrainian laws this is open bribery.




But shashlik was not able to help Borovik. Actual Odessa mayor Gennady Trukhanov won elections with 52 %. Borovik and Saakashvili rejected this result on pretext that one of exit-poles showed Trukhanov’s result under 50 %. They tried to challenge his victory in a court.
This attempt only led Borovik to shame. The court proved Borovik’s evidence false. Some of his witnesses even lied under oath. So Trukhanov continue to be a mayor.
Failing in the court was not enough reason to stop for Saakashvili. Now he revenges Trukhanov for winning over Borovik. As a governor he controls regional police and prosecution office. They both are led by Georgians who are personal Saakashvili friends since his presidency in that Caucasus country. Governor proclaimed Trukhanov corrupted and police searched some city’s officials.
We suppose all this enormous activity will not bring any result.
For example, some weeks before we wrote about Saakashvili’s revenge in Kryzhanovka village. He pressed head of local council. But in spite all pressure she won last elections. Her electorate believes she is not corrupted.

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