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Odessa: nationalists staged a pogrom in the state TV channel during the recording of public debates about a free port

November 25 during the recording of the TV program «Civic Dialogue» on regional television activists of organization «Odessa — for the free port» were attacked by Ukrainian fascists.
As the leader Alexei Tsvetkov informs, the supporters of a free port received numerous injuries from the “Right sector” and representatives of public organization «Oberig». He also said that three people were attacked with electroshock.
«Militants from nationalist organizations stormed Odessa state TV company, where the program «Civil Dialogue» was recorded, they fought, knocked down and broke all the studio equipment and used electroshock against activists of the» Odessa — for the free port». They also tried to kidnap one of the activists. We called police, and it prevented further provocations of these nationalist militants,»- said Tsvetkov. He described the attackers as fools and mad. Tsvetkov also noted that he will apply to the OSCE and the EU and human rights organizations with complaints of actions of representatives of the “Right sector” and «Oberig».

In turn, the Ukrainian fascists are proud that stopped the onslaught of the separatists.

Freeport is associated with the golden age in Odessa. The city had this trade status in the first half of the 19th century. Historians believe that it is a free port led to the rapid development of Odessa and its brilliant dawn. Today, Ukraine is in deep economic crisis, so many public figures in Odessa believe that the restoration of the free port status in Odessa would allow reviving the regional economy. However, the Ukrainian ultranationalists believe that any weakening of the control from Kiev is equal to separatism. Therefore they pursue supporters of a free port.

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