Has Chinese weapon purchased in Ukraine?

Scandalous news continues about weapon from Ukraine sent to Islamic state. New details appear.
The Interior minister of Kuwait said arrested Osama Khayat, the cell leader of ISIL in Kuwait “confessed that he has been in contact with the group leaders in Syria and has made several arms` deals for the main organization including deals for purchasing FN-6 missiles and other weaponry from Ukraine. Khayat told investigators that purchased weaponry was being shipped to Turkey and being smuggled to Syria later. He admitted that he … transferred money to the ISIL related bank accounts in Turkey. The Ministry statement pointed that Khayat gave the names of five cell members in Kuwait and were all arrested.” One of them “Abdulkarim Mohammad Selem (Syrian national born in 1962) who has Ukraine based arms company and was about to purchase shoulder-fired missiles and telecommunication devices…”

FN-6 missiles are produced in China. There are some videos proving their using by Islamic state and Free Syrian army.

But how can FN-6 come to Ukraine? They have not been seen anywhere in Donbas and US military aid officially sent to Ukraine was “nonlethal”. As for China there were no reasons to think it ever purchased any weapon to Kiev.

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