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Ceasefire violence returned in Donbas region

Near Donetsk last ten days every evening firing begin with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. They occur along the line of demarcation between the Donbas militia and Kiev troops. Fights are medium-intensive in nature. Residents of Donetsk republic sometimes take them for the beginning of the Ukrainian army offensive, but in reality fighting is position. Especially active battles take place in the area between Peski and Avdeevka and near Gorlovka. The Ministry of Defense of Donetsk republic almost every day claims more and more evidence of movement of heavy equipment of the Ukrainian Army in the «zone of discharge», established by the Minsk Agreement. Thus, two of the agreements reached in Minsk are violated.
For example, 28 November, the Donetsk Ministry of Defense said:
«In areas of settlements: Maksimilianovka 9 km away from the line of contact — the location of 18 SPA and six rocket systems «Grad» were found, they belong to the 14th mechanized brigade; Ivanovka 29 km from the line of contact – at about of 10 tanks, 20 infantry fighting vehicles and 300 personnel are registered; Avdeevka 5 km away from the line of contact — the location of the six units SAM «Strela-10″ was registered. Ukrainian security officials transferred to the contact line in the direction of Donetsk 24 artillery pieces, 30 tanks and armored fighting vehicles, six anti-aircraft missile systems».
Reports of fighting look like this:
The evening of 26 November at the northern suburbs of Donetsk came an intense firefight with mortars. The fight went in the area of Spartak suburbs and neighborhood Putilovka in the Kiev district of Donetsk.
November 28 there was fighting at the northern suburb of Donetsk — near the Putilovka bridge and suburb Spartak. Ukrainian Army 8 times violated the ceasefire, it has issued at the territory of the Republic more than 20 minutes.
November 29 was destroyed house in the village Oktyabrsky, pipeline was damaged north from Gorlovka. One militiaman is killed.
The Ukrainian side also accused the Donbas militia of ceasefire violations, but, as usual, without specific data.

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