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Ceasefire violence in Donetsk region

Last week shooting renewed near Donetsk suburbs in Eastern Ukraine. It renewed accurate after Ukrainian local elections were finished. Kiev’s administration refused to hold elections in most parts of controlled area in Donbas region, but for a period of elections it didn’t break the ceasefire. Now local elections in Ukraine are finished and it seems new escalation in Donbas started.
Armed clashes between rebels and Kiev’s military forces precisely took place to the west from Donetsk city. Shooting was in Peski, Spartak, Zhbunki, Oktiabrsky. In last case breaking of the ceasefire was most visible. Government’s fire killed two civilians in Oktiabrsky settlement controlled by Donetsk republic.
All these cases don’t prove the war is started again. Government’s militaries as well as rebels don’t use missiles or any kind of heavy weapon. But they show conflict is not calm down, and Minsk agreement have been questioned till now. Rhetoric of Kiev regime proves these clashes can be a prelude for new war. Last weeks many Ukrainian journalists openly wrote Minsk agreements are not suitable for Kiev and tired control from EU side gives no chance to avoid there implementation. That is why the only way for Ukraine is to change Minsk agreement. The main tool for this aim is a war – it’s openly proclaimed in government controlled media. So ceasefire violence should be continued.

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