Daily Archives: November 20, 2015

Special forces storm luxury hotel under attack in Mali

Special forces have stormed a five-star hotel in the Malian capital Bamako after gunmen stormed it and took at least 170 people hostage.

Mali’s state broadcaster reported that 80 of the hostages have been released with commandos going floor to floor inside the Radisson Blu Hotel. Later, the company who owns the hotel said in a statement that 125 guests and 13 employees were still in the building.

United States and Ukraine don’t support combating glorification of Nazism

November 19 Russian delegation in UN proposed to vote resolution for combating glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

European countries proud of their tolerance abstained and four countries voted no. They were USA, Ukraine, Canada and Palau.

Has Chinese weapon purchased in Ukraine?

Scandalous news continues about weapon from Ukraine sent to Islamic state. New details appear.
The Interior minister of Kuwait said arrested Osama Khayat, the cell leader of ISIL in Kuwait “confessed that he has been in contact with the group leaders in Syria and has made several arms` deals for the main organization including deals for purchasing FN-6 missiles and other weaponry from Ukraine. Khayat told investigators that purchased weaponry was being shipped to Turkey and being smuggled to Syria later. He admitted that he … transferred money to the ISIL related bank accounts in Turkey. The Ministry statement pointed that Khayat gave the names of five cell members in Kuwait and were all arrested.” One of them “Abdulkarim Mohammad Selem (Syrian national born in 1962) who has Ukraine based arms company and was about to purchase shoulder-fired missiles and telecommunication devices…”

Islamic state armed with Ukrainian weapon

Kuwait disrupts extremist cell supporting the Islamic State

KUWAIT CITY (AP) — Kuwait’s Interior Ministry said Thursday it cracked down on an extremist cell that was aiding the Islamic State group with support that included brokering arms deals, arresting six people from various nationalities who were operating inside the country.
The official Kuwait News Agency said police arrested a Lebanese citizen described as the ringleader named Osama Khayat, who admitted to helping IS recruit fighters and raise money that was sent to IS-related bank accounts in Turkey. The Interior Ministry said Khayat also admitted to closing weapons deals in Ukraine and using Turkey as a route to send weapons to IS fighters in Syria, where the group controls territory.
Police said they also arrested three Syrians, one of whom was an arms dealer for the IS group and another who was in charge of finances and communication. Police also detained an Egyptian who they described as a member of the IS group and a Kuwaiti national who was responsible for logistical support.
The statement said two Syrians and two Australian-Lebanese dual nationals are still at large.
A shorter, earlier statement from the news agency provided different details, including the number of arrests.
The predominantly Sunni Muslim country suffered its most devastating terrorist attack in decades in June when a suicide bomber attacked one of the Gulf nation’s oldest Shiite mosques, killing 27 people in the capital.
One of the Islamic State group’s affiliates in the Arabian Peninsula, calling itself Najd Province, claimed responsibility for that attack.