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Ukraine | Ceasefire violence returned in Donbas region

Near Donetsk last ten days every evening firing begin with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. They occur along the line of demarcation between the Donbas militia and Kiev troops. Fights are medium-intensive in nature. Residents of Donetsk republic sometimes take them for the beginning of the Ukrainian army offensive, but in reality fighting is position. Especially active battles take place in the area between Peski and Avdeevka and near Gorlovka. The Ministry of Defense of Donetsk republic almost every day claims more and more evidence of movement of heavy equipment of the Ukrainian Army in the «zone of discharge», established by the Minsk Agreement. Thus, two of the agreements reached in Minsk are violated.
For example, 28 November, the Donetsk Ministry of Defense said:
«In areas of settlements: Maksimilianovka 9 km away from the line of contact — the location of 18 SPA and six rocket systems «Grad» were found, they belong to the 14th mechanized brigade; Ivanovka 29 km from the line of contact – at about of 10 tanks, 20 infantry fighting vehicles and 300 personnel are registered; Avdeevka 5 km away from the line of contact — the location of the six units SAM «Strela-10″ was registered. Ukrainian security officials transferred to the contact line in the direction of Donetsk 24 artillery pieces, 30 tanks and armored fighting vehicles, six anti-aircraft missile systems».
Reports of fighting look like this:
The evening of 26 November at the northern suburbs of Donetsk came an intense firefight with mortars. The fight went in the area of Spartak suburbs and neighborhood Putilovka in the Kiev district of Donetsk.
November 28 there was fighting at the northern suburb of Donetsk — near the Putilovka bridge and suburb Spartak. Ukrainian Army 8 times violated the ceasefire, it has issued at the territory of the Republic more than 20 minutes.
November 29 was destroyed house in the village Oktyabrsky, pipeline was damaged north from Gorlovka. One militiaman is killed.
The Ukrainian side also accused the Donbas militia of ceasefire violations, but, as usual, without specific data.

Turkey | Humanitarian cover of arms supply

Various media both Western and Russian published news from Syria. According to HHM Russian jets bombed and destroyed several trucks with humanitarian aid for Syrian civil population.
Russian media
Western media
Arab media
Turkish media
The origin of this news is statement made by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation at its page on Facebook.
But this organization is known by its military activity. It has used humanitarian problems for supplying of weapon to various military groupings.
For example in the year 2010 armed members of HRF tried to enter Gaza with the ship full of weapon. Israel ministry of foreign affairs describes this story

Yuan Set to Join IMF Basket in Step Toward Currency Big Leagues

China’s yuan is poised to enter the big leagues of global currencies, according to the judgment of the International Monetary Fund.

IMF staff have recommended the yuan be included in the fund’s Special Drawing Rights reserve-currency basket, alongside the U.S. dollar, euro, pound and yen, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said Friday. The staff nod makes approval by the fund’s board this month all but certain, as major IMF shareholders including the U.S. have said they will support inclusion if the yuan meets IMF criteria. It would be the first change in the SDR’s currency composition since 2001, when the euro replaced the German deutsche mark and French franc.

USA | Deadliest Terror in the World: the West’s Latest Gift to Africa

Nigeria’s Boko Haram are now officially the deadliest terror group in the world. That they have reached this position is a direct consequence of Cameron and co’s war on Libya – and one that was perhaps not entirely unintended.

Turkey | Joint statement of Russian and Turkish workers

Confederation of Labor of Russia, KTR

Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey, DİSK

 Joint Statement

We are concerned about the recent developments in Syria and its effects on the international arena. Accordingly, the relation between Turkey and Russia entered into an alarming and dangerous process.