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US Congress voted for military aid to Ukraine

Today US Congress adopted National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016. It includes military aid for Ukraine. Its total sum is approximately $ 300 million. There is a list of measures to confront Russia in this Act too.
Here they are:
(Sec. 1251) Authorizes DOD to provide security assistance and intelligence support to military and other security forces of the government of Ukraine.
(Sec. 1252) Authorizes DOD to conduct the Eastern European Training Initiative to provide multilateral or regional training for countries in Eastern Europe that are signatories to the Partnership for Peace Framework Documents but not members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or that became NATO members after January 1, 1999.
(Sec. 1253) Requires DOD to report to Congress on options for expanding the presence of U.S. ground forces of the size of a Brigade Combat Team in Eastern Europe to respond to the security challenges posed by Russia and increase the combat capability of forces able to respond to unconventional or hybrid warfare tactics such as those used by the Russian Federation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.
(Sec. 1254) Expresses the sense of Congress urging the United States to encourage NATO allies to meet defense budget commitments and to continue to coordinate defense investments to improve deterrence against Russian aggression and terrorist organizations and more appropriately balance defense spending across the alliance.
(Sec. 1255) Requires the annual report on military matters and security developments involving Russia to include an assessment of the force structure and capabilities of Russian military forces stationed in the Arctic region, Kaliningrad, and Crimea, as well as an assessment of the Russian military strategy in the Arctic region.
(Sec. 1256) Requires DOD to submit to Congress an assessment of alternative capabilities to procure and sustain nonstandard rotary wing aircraft that are historically acquired through or are reliant on Rosoboronexport.


This Act means that US-Russian relation continue to go worse next year.

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