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US blacks descend on Washington against racial inequality

ens of thousands of African Americans have rallied in Washington D.C. for the 20th anniversary of the ‘Million Man March’ against racial inequality and police brutality.

The demonstrators made their way to the US Capitol on Saturday morning, following a call for “Justice or Else!”, the title of the mass rally at the National Mall, which marks the 20th anniversary of the 1995 ‘Million Man March’ which put the US racial injustice in the limelight.

The protest movement, led by the Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, has been demanding change from the government.

Speaking at the rally, Farrakhan said, “It is hypocritical that we are American citizens but we struggle for our basic human rights.”

Farrakhan also vowed to continue efforts to bring “change” for black people in America.

Earlier, he spoke of a “plan to deliver an uncompromising message and call for the government of the United States to respond to our legitimate grievances.»

The Metropolitan Police Department and the D.C. Department of Transportation announced on Saturday morning a number of street closures near the National Mall for the march.

According to official sources, it is the fourth-largest demonstration in Washington history, and the largest predominantly black gathering.

This year’s mass rally comes amid mounting anger over a wave of US police violence against people of color.

US cities have been the scene of protests during the past several months over fatal shootings of African Americans by police and their brutal treatment of Americans, particularly people of color.

A recent report indicated that police in the states have shot dead more than 600 people across the country since the beginning of the year until mid-August.

The Washington Post data shows 601 people were shot dead by police officers in the first eight months of 2015.

The United States has suffered from an epidemic of racial violence throughout its history, which some experts say has increased after the election of President Barack Obama.


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