Location Ukraine Ukraine

Urban guerrillas in southern Ukraine

Urban guerrillas are active in the Ukrainian cities. Their supporters are recruited in the ranks of the opponents of the Kiev regime. October 2 in Odessa trial of a group of 4 people has to begin, they organized 12 explosions in the city during 2014-2015. According to the security services, these people are members of the Communist Party of Ukraine.
In June 2015 Ukrainian special services have reported the arrest of another group of urban guerrillas, some of them were linked to Nikolayev. However, the explosions have not stopped. September 27 in Odessa, there was a loud explosion. It blew up the building of the SBU. The sound of the explosion could be heard almost all over the city, all the windows were smashed at distance of two or three blocks from the building. September 30, an explosion occurred in Kherson. Thus, all the major cities in the South of Ukraine are covered by the activities of the urban guerrilla.

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