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Ukrainians run out of service in the Army

Ukrainian news agency UNIAN has published an interesting data of Ukrainian authorities.
President Poroshenko told that almost 108,000 people are now involved in the war against Donbas. More than 93,000 are direct participants in hostilities. According to Poroshenko, a total of 210,000 Ukrainians came for military service during six waves of mobilization. http://www.unian.info/politics/1149001-poroshenko-more-than-93000-soldiers-took-part-in-hostilities.html
In the same time according to military prosecutor of Ukraine 16 thousand criminal investigations were started against desertion from the army. But only 344 persons were caught by police. http://www.unian.net/war/1149283-glavnyiy-voennyiy-prokuror-nazval-kolichestvo-dezertirov-za-vremya-ato.html
Contrary to the President’s data prosecutor’s one was not published in English.

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