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Ukrainian secret police continue arrests

Streets are empty and police concentrated attention on Internet.
In spite of ceasefire in Donbas, Ukrainian state security arrests new people accusing them of separatist or even terrorist activity. Sometimes it makes this in a very strange manner and for any independent observer it is clear that mostly there is no real crime guilty of these people. Of course they are strongly dissatisfied with actual government, but didn’t go far from public expression of this position.
September 21 state security arrested four men in Dnepropetrovsk. They were accused of terrorism. They supposedly planed to destroy a bridge across Dnieper.
September 22 a woman was arrested in Zaporozhe. She moderated several groups in social networks. She is accused of support of Donbas rebels.
September 23 a man was arrested in Dnepropetrovsk. He is a former policeman and also moderated several groups of Donbas supporters in social networks.
September 30 state security caught a man from Zhovti Vody (Central Ukraine). He also was active in social networks where he clamed to avoid army service and demonstrated his sympathy to Donbas.
October 9 a student from Severodonetsk (Lugansk region) was arrested. He also moderated a group in social network. It was only one group but state security insists he has got tasks from unknown person in Russia and this person was real moderator. So security believes student to be a Russian spy.
It is dangerous to be in Ukraine an active net user with views different from official position.

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