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Solidarity to the refugees and the immigrants in Greece

October 10, 2015

After thousands of kilometers through mountains and seas refugees and immigrants make an obligatory stop for a few days in Athens, at Victoria square. Then to take the long road to Yevgeli, Belgrade, Hungary’s boarders, Croatia or wherever they can find a pass through barb-wire, fences or even the armed men of the police and army forces – the Fortress Europe is well guarded…

In their majority these people are young, really young, men and women, usually with their little children. Hunger, cold at nights and raining cause great pain. But the chased still smile. And if you pay attention to them they smile at you, too. And when you give them something small from your own heart, they thank you with their eyes, even if the language is an obstacle to express in words.

The solidarity of the inhabitants around Victoria square was really touching – unlike the myths distributed by the fascists and the media.

In the morning of Tuesday September 29th, a group of doctors, nurses and solidarity assistants, Katerina Matsa, Natasa Vosnidou, Giorgos Bougatsos, members of the Social Medical Centers of New Smyrna, Ilion, Kato Patisia-Aharnon, the Union of Support of 18 Ano, and the Collective Action for Solidarity of 18 Ano, but also collectives that are active in the areas of Patisia and Galatsi, visited the refugees of the square and they offered medical assistance to small children. One of them was only 20 days old, born in the days of the great Exit…

With the help from the doctors but also from the personnel of the ambulances, children and mothers that needed hospital care were transported to the Children Hospital and to gynecologist and maternity hospitals.

The group as a whole with the help of the comrades above and other comrades from EEK distributed medicines, clothes, baby milk and cream, and many lunches, sandwiches and sweets.

Notara squat

The intervention of the three social medical centers, along with other collectives, was continued also on Tuesday 6/9/2015, this time in the squat at Notara Street, in Athens, which is a place of stay for refugees that initially have settled in Victoria square.

Again, examinations of children and adults took place from a pediatrician and a pathologist, and health-care material was distributed. There was an agreement between the exemplary organized squat of Notara and the 3 Medical Centers to cover the needs for doctors’ assistance on a steady weekly basis.

In the meantime Victoria square is being prevailed over by the police, by precaution. The staffs of the mayor Kaminis along with the police have moved more than 1500 refugees -mostly from Afghanistan- to the closed stadium of Galatsi, taken care by the municipality services without providing sufficient terms for a dignified living of these devastated people.

The government that Tsipras boasts that have pointed out the European dimension of the refugee issue is lining up with the suppression policy implemented by the European Union. Characteristically, Juncker has said that the E.U. will send 6oo employees of Frontex to safeguard the concentration places for the refugees.


March in October 15th

For all these reasons, there is a great importance for the success of the march from Propylaia to E.U.’s headquarters on October 15th, decided in a massive meeting of collectives on October 5th, with the initiation taken by the Teacher Union Aristotle, and with the participation of many teacher unions and ELME (unions of second degree education), student unions from many universities, members of Social Medical Centers, members of Notara squat, the popular assembly of Victoria square, members of the Caravan of Struggle and Solidarity and others.


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