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Saakashvili became a member of the scandal. Recall that the US’s favorite leads the Odessa region of Ukraine last six months. As governor of the Odessa region, Saakashvili decided to intervene in a land conflict in the village Kryzhanovka, a suburb of Odessa. And he did it in a very specific form. In the last few years a conflict lasted in Kryzhanovka between the local community and businessman Oleg Ellie, who built in the village several high-rise buildings. Chairman of the village council Natalia Krupitsa believes that the businessman received the land in the village illegally. She is supported by majority of Kryzhanovka residents.


Natalia Krupitsa
October 11, Saakashvili arrived to Kryzhanovka and acted on the side of a businessman. He tried to hold a demonstrative meeting for media and accused the local council of corruption. Allegedly, the village council illegally distributed land to relatives of Deputies. Local residents expressed their dissatisfaction with Saakashvili’s Dixit. As a result, Saakashvili became hysterical.

Angered Saakashvili has publicly promised to put Natalia Krupitsa in prison. The next day, the prosecutor of Odessa region opened a criminal case against Krupitsa and the village council of Kryzhanovka. They are accused of misuse of public subsidies, which the village received. The next day passed scale searches in the homes of local leaders.
It is not known whether Saakashvili will stop at this point or will achieve the arrests. In any case, it does not behave as an officer of law, but as the feudal baron.
His behavior more and more outraged citizens of Odessa with each passing day. On the day when the searches came to Kryzhanovka, unknown Odessans hung scarecrow of Saakashvili on one of the city’s monuments. Scarecrow hanging on his tie, his hands up to the elbows smeared with red paint to symbolize blood. And on his neck hung a sign saying «Misha, goodbye!»

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