Location Ukraine Ukraine

“Right sector” against European values

On the morning of September 30, «Right Sector» in Odessa blocked the entrance to the hotel «Duke» to prevent the round table on the theme «Prospects for European integration in the Odessa region. Human rights, freedom of speech and basic European values». On the part of Ukraine event was organized by the Association of National Minorities of the Odessa region. «Right Sector» found this roundtable separatist.
There were the deputy of the Greek Parliament (SYRIZA) Vassilis Hadzhilambru, former deputy defense minister, former MP Konstantinos Isihos, former Deputy Minister of Economy of Greece, the former member of parliament Valavani Nadia, journalist, stage director Kyriakos Hadzhistefanu and others who had to take part in the event. They stayed in the hotel blocked by the «Right Sector».
Representatives of the OSCE mission attended for hotel. Their arrival did not help to change the situation. «Right Sector» tried to get to the hotel, but its guard did not let them. In the end, the roundtable was broken.


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