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Local elections in Ukraine: a brief review

1 One and a half million refugees from the Donbas located in Ukraine did not get opportunity to vote.
2. On the part of Donbas, controlled by Kiev, the elections were not conducted everywhere, but only in several places.
3 Among this places there were four cities, where elections were allowed but they didn’t take place. These are Mariupol, Krasnoarmeysk, Svatovo and Lisichansk.
4. The attendance level was low. Only in the western regions it exceeded 50%, in most cases it fluctuated around 40-47%. The lowest rates were traditionally observed in Donbas and southern region, that is, where the people in the greatest measure did not consider Kiev regime as their own.
5. Ukraine continued regional fragmentation. It is a typical picture, when in large cities, and even entire regions, political power wins little known outside them. «Ukrop» in the Dnepropetrovsk region, «Trust deeds» in the Odessa region, «Renaissance» in the Kharkov region. Even Galicia is fragmented: in Lviv the «Samopomich» won, and in Ivano-Frankivsk region «Svoboda» is leading.
6. The election campaign was accompanied by the terror of the fascist gangs that made it difficult even for legal opposition. And the illegal opposition was excluded from the political process.
7. All this facts have not prevented Western powers to recognize the election results and to note their democratic character.
8. In general, the elections showed the tiredness of the working masses of the governments policy, but at the same time the regime has won this election. The low electoral activity of opposition-minded voters gave an opportunity for ruling forces to secure a majority in the local councils almost everywhere, and even where this is no the majority, they will be able to control the situation due to fragmentation: they have in their hands control of the central state apparatus, and the opponents do not have a single point of coordination.

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