Daily Archives: October 24, 2015

Venezuela | Venezuelan Housing Mission Builds 100,000 Homes in 10 Months

Venezuela’s low-cost housing program is building new homes at a breakneck pace of over 200 a day, according to the government.

The Venezuelan government’s housing mission has constructed nearly 100,000 new homes since the start of the year, according to figures released Tuesday.

A Vladimir Lenin statue has been transformed into Darth Vader

Vladimir Lenin is not very popular in Ukraine these days. There are still lots of statues left over from the Soviet days, but they’re slowly being taken down — or in this case, retrofitted into more inspirational figures from the capitalist mythos. With Vader-interest peaking as Lenin-interest tails off, it’s hard to say it’s not an improvement.

Renato Usaty detained by Moldovan special services

Usaty – mayor of Balti, leader of the “Our Party”, as well as one of the leaders of the protest against the corrupt authorities of Moldova.
October 20 Usaty flew to Moscow, returned to Chisinau on October 23 and was arrested immediately at the airport.
Lawyer Anna Ursachi sure that arrest is connected with the case of the publication of telephone conversations between Ilan Shor and Vladimir Filat. She added that Usaty must be put to the General Prosecutor.
Recall that the Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal investigation into the disclosure of recordings of telephone conversations with the voices of the people, like the voice of a businessman Ilan Shor and deputy Vladimir Filat, which Usaty published before leaving for Moscow. Vladimir Filat – a member of the pro-European Liberal coalition, whose members robbed Moldova one billion dollars. This unprecedented event caused mass protests in Moldova. Recently, the authorities were forced to yield to the protesters and arrested Filat. Apparently they believe that this is enough concessions, and now go to the repression.