Daily Archives: October 10, 2015

USA | Blasts kill scores at peace rally in Turkey in sign of worsening instability

Two bomb blasts ripped through crowds at a rally of peace activists in the Turkish capital Saturday, killing scores, in a reminder of the growing conflicts Turkey faces both at home and across the border in war-torn Syria.

The explosions in Ankara, which occurred just minutes and yards apart, killed 86 people and injured 186 more as they gathered to call for an end to the violence that has flared between Turkish security forces and Kurdish separatists in recent months.

USA | Obama Administration Finally Shuts Down Failed Program to Train Syrian Rebels

The Obama administration has finally pulled the plug on the Pentagon program to train moderate Syrian rebels, a program that was widely denounced as a failure in recent months.

The Pentagon had spent $500 million on a program to train and equip moderate factions within Syria that opposed both dictator Bashar al-Assad and radical Islamist factions. The United States never got anywhere close to the stated goal of training 5,000 rebels, with most press reports putting the number around forty or fifty. At one point last month, The New York Times reports, the United States only had “four or five” trainees involved in the Syrian Civil War.

USA | Winter Is Coming: And So Is Ukraine’s Far Right

An armed, radical threat could tear Ukraine apart before snow falls in Kiev.


By Lev Golinkin