Daily Archives: October 2, 2015

Does Syrian opposition suffer of Russian bombing?

Russia has started bombing of ISIL with overwhelming speed. On Monday Obama and Putin discussed situation in Syria, and on Wednesday Russian forces attacked Islamic State. Situation in Syria changed rapidly, many politicians and journalists were confused, and various gossips spread on the speed comparable to Russian military aircrafts. Some bloggers state Russia is bombing not ISIL but Syrian opposition united in so called Free Syrian army. First of all its existing is questioned now. Free Syrian army permanently split and some of its unites officially left it and some of them officially joint ISIL.
The mane source of these statements is distortion of officials’ words. For example:
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told: “I want to be careful about confirming information, but it does appear that they (Russian airstrikes) were in areas where there probably were not ISIL forces”.
British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We’ll need to look very carefully at the reports and exactly what has happened. I have a clear view that if this is a part of international action against Isil, that appalling terrorist death cult outfit, then that is all to the good… If, on the other hand, this is action against the Free Syrian Army in support of Assad the dictator, then obviously that is a retrograde step but let us see exactly what has happened.”
In the same time US officials demand evidence from Russia that it does not bombing Syrian opposition. This demand proves that US intelligence services have not collected any exact data on this subject yet.

Ukraine | Urban guerrillas in southern Ukraine

Urban guerrillas are active in the Ukrainian cities. Their supporters are recruited in the ranks of the opponents of the Kiev regime. October 2 in Odessa trial of a group of 4 people has to begin, they organized 12 explosions in the city during 2014-2015. According to the security services, these people are members of the Communist Party of Ukraine.
In June 2015 Ukrainian special services have reported the arrest of another group of urban guerrillas, some of them were linked to Nikolayev. However, the explosions have not stopped. September 27 in Odessa, there was a loud explosion. It blew up the building of the SBU. The sound of the explosion could be heard almost all over the city, all the windows were smashed at distance of two or three blocks from the building. September 30, an explosion occurred in Kherson. Thus, all the major cities in the South of Ukraine are covered by the activities of the urban guerrilla.

Ukraine | “Right sector” against European values

On the morning of September 30, “Right Sector” in Odessa blocked the entrance to the hotel “Duke” to prevent the round table on the theme “Prospects for European integration in the Odessa region. Human rights, freedom of speech and basic European values”. On the part of Ukraine event was organized by the Association of National Minorities of the Odessa region. “Right Sector” found this roundtable separatist.
There were the deputy of the Greek Parliament (SYRIZA) Vassilis Hadzhilambru, former deputy defense minister, former MP Konstantinos Isihos, former Deputy Minister of Economy of Greece, the former member of parliament Valavani Nadia, journalist, stage director Kyriakos Hadzhistefanu and others who had to take part in the event. They stayed in the hotel blocked by the “Right Sector”.
Representatives of the OSCE mission attended for hotel. Their arrival did not help to change the situation. “Right Sector” tried to get to the hotel, but its guard did not let them. In the end, the roundtable was broken.