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Wild West in the South of Ukraine

Ukrainian media reported that the Nikolayev region has become an arena of criminal tyranny resembling the Wild West.
Nikolayev (Mykolaiv) region is far away from the war zone, but to live there has become increasingly dangerous. Gangs of Ukrainian Nationalists return from the Donbas and engage in criminal activity. In the first half of September they have made about a dozen high-profile crimes. Here are the most high-profile ones.
September 4 in one village the Ukrainian militaries staged a drunken brawl. Local civilians tried to separate them. In response, one of the soldiers pulled out a knife and stabbed them, the two men seriously injured.
September 6 in Nikolayev car Opel Campo (with the military license plate) shot down a five-year girl. The car was driven by two drunken soldiers from fascist battalion “Aydar”. Fortunately, the girl was still alive.
September 9 about six hundred armed militants seized a large area near the town of Pervomaisk. They were attracted to fields of businessman Kornatsky. They put up checkpoints and occasionally fire intermittently in the direction of police officers and employees of the SBU, who tried to stop them. Meanwhile, unidentified persons illegally collected harvest from the Kornatsky’s fields.
September 14 in Nikolayev about 20 members of the “Right Sector” intervene in the conflict of the heirs of the company “Nikoplast.” The company builds plastic utensils. Its owner died in March, however, the heirs can not divide property still. One of them hired “Right Sector”. Bandits of the “Right Sector” stormed the plant and transferred it into his hands. “Right Sector” often takes such seizures on all Ukraine. It earns good money in such a way.

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