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Ukrainian security services continue to arrest citizens of Odessa

Arrests of residents of Odessa and the Odessa region, who are dissatisfied with the Kiev nationalist dictatorship, resumed after a short break. The Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) has arrested more than 30 people over the last ten days.
September 14 Security Service announced the arrest of five people who allegedly collected intelligence for the People’s Republic of Donetsk.
September 15 SBU reported on the detention of subversive group that allegedly planned the murder of a Ukrainian nationalist and received assignments from Russian intelligence officer. 6 people were detained. They are members of the Communist Party.
September 19 Security Service detained more than 20 activists of the People’s Council of Bessarabia. People’s Council of Bessarabia – a public organization brings together the national minorities of the south of the Odessa region and defends their rights. The organization enjoys wide international support in several European countries. However, in the Ukraine its activists are harassed and arrested. Therefore, more than 500 activists and supporters of the Council gathered in Kiev to urge the authorities of the country for an immediate cessation of repression against the organization and the national minorities of the Odessa region. They held a rally near the parliament and government of Ukraine. The rally was attended by politicians from Bulgaria and Moldova. However, this did not prevent SBU to detain the organizers.
http://timer-odessa.net/news/v_kieve_mitingovali_v_podderjku_narodnoy_radi_bessarabii_148.html  http://rusvesna.su/news/1442675471

The experience of previous arrests proves that in most cases SBU imprisons people who have not committed anything illegal. Their protest against the regime carried out within the law, and the employees of Ukrainian special services attributed them fantastic plans to justify their tyranny and achieve promotion. Especially active fighters against the enemies of the regime receive bonuses and make a successful official career. Therefore, there is a reason to think that this is not the last arrests of opposition-minded citizens of Ukraine.

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