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Ukrainian parliament voted for arrest of Ihor Mosiychuk

Ukrainian parliament unexpectedly voted for arrest of MP Ihor Mosiychuk
Mosiychuk is known by his activity as a member of radical neo-Nazi groups like Social-nationalist assembly and others. Durring political crisis in Ukraine he became one of the founders of Nazi “Azov” regiment and was elected to Verkhovna Rada. But he was not arrested for his Nazi views.
Mosiychuk is also known by gross interferences in the affairs of the courts. At August 3 he threatened judge Poprevich in Odessa. Poprevich was a judge in a criminal process against Ukrainian nationalist Sergei Hodiyak who shot people at the 2nd of May massacre. Poprevich was forced to resign. But it was not a reason for his arrest too.
At August 27 Mosiychuk arrived to Odessa again and visited the chief of Odessa customs Vladislav Raksha. He threatened him and finally forced to resign. http://timer-odessa.net/news/v_odesskuyu_tamojnyu_navedalsya_mosiychuk_glave_vedomstva_prishlos_uvolitsya_716.html But it was not a reason for his arrest too.
At September 11 Mosiychuk arrived to the part of Lugansk region under Ukrainian control. He came to protect a fighter of “Aydar” battalion accused of tortures. This man was wondered and placed in hospital. The chief of the hospital allowed police to transport him to the court. Due to her decision it was possible to start this process. Mosiychuk was angry because accused fighter is an old member of UNA-UNSO – Ukrainian fascist organization founded in early 90ies. http://svsever.lg.ua/2015/09/mosijchuk_glavvrachu_ty_chto_voobsche_odurela_ya_god_nazad_strelyal_takih_kak_ty_vid As a result he attacked this woman. But it was not a reason for his arrest too.
Nazi activity, interferences in the court’s affairs, violence against woman – all this crimes are not enough to be arrested in Ukraine. The only reason to arrest Mosiychuk was… a bribe! An appropriate video was demonstrated in the Ukrainian parliament.

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