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Ukrainian fascists desecrated the memorial sign for Soviet soldiers in Kharkov

Memorial sign to Red Army soldiers who died at the street of Galan was painted with red paint. On the morning of September 6 swastikas and strike out hammer and sickle in a circle were painted on the monument. “Youth civic movement of Kharkiv” – one of the ultra-nationalist groups – posted photos of the desecrated monument in social networks. The group has provided the publication of a characteristic comment: “Unknown Patriots do their thing”.

It is needed to tell the story of the desecrated monument. February 15, 1943 after the battle of Stalingrad, the Red Army went on the offensive and liberated Kharkov from the Nazis. However, March 15, German troops counterattacked and recaptured Kharkov. The retreating Soviet troops were not able to evacuate seriously wounded Red Army soldiers who were in the hospital. The soldiers of the Czechoslovak battalion commanded by Ludwig Svoboda were in the same place in addition to the Soviet soldiers. Hospital was captured by soldiers SS Panzer Division “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”. They organized the monstrous massacre of defenseless prisoners.
From 15 to 17 March 1943 the Nazis shot more than 1,000 severely wounded Red Army soldiers and those medical personnel who were trying to protect the wounded, more than 300 of these people were burnt alive from flamethrowers. All brutally murdered were buried right at the clinical campus in three large graves.
At the burial site in 1947 it was set granite monument with the words in Ukrainian:
“Stop live, in front of this holy stone,
Pay homage to those who lie here.
They died, being not completely broken,
For that you could live today! ”
Having desecrated the monument, Kharkov Ukrainian fascists clearly demonstrated their political nature.


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