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Ukrainian Defense Ministry forced Ukrainian journalists to lie

Former press secretary of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Oleksiy Dmitrashkovsky decided to tell the truth about the military censorship in the country. September 16, he was dismissed from the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, received no cash payments. Thereafter partner of Ukrainian militaries’ lie became a fighter for the truth.
In an interview for Hromadske TV created with American money Dmitrashkovsky described how he was lying according to the instructions of Ukrainian military leadership and expressed regret that he had to do it. He noted that the military lied to the Ukrainians of combat deaths in the war in the Donbas and of Ilovaisk. In August 2014 the Ukrainian army suffered a crushing defeat at Ilovaisk and Amvrosievka by militia of Donetsk republic. The defeat was so heavy that the Ukrainian side still can not believe that the militia of Donbas acted by itself and accuses Russia. Meanwhile, according to Dmitrashkovsky, Ilovaisk disaster – is the result of negligence of Ukrainian military command.
Dmitrashkovsky’s revelation serves as a serious warning to those journalists who are building their reviews of the situation in Ukraine, relying on media loyal to Kiev.


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