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The Nazis in Kharkov tried to arrange a pogrom

September 23 Ukrainian fascists attacked the house of Kharkov politician Mikhail Dobkin, one of the leaders of the party “Opposition bloc”. The organizer of the attack was a Nazi regiment “Azov”. After the action of intimidation radicals went to the building of the Kharkov City Council, where they tried to break through the gate and made a scuffle with the police. Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes was forced to interrupt a session of the City Council.
The police did not allow the Nazis break into the building. However, they are severely beaten by a policeman and tore his clothes.
After the assault Dobkin said that he’ll take his family from Ukraine and he personally will stay in Ukraine and continue to fight to the end with the Kiev regime.
At the same time, the Minister of Internal Affairs called the assault on the Dobkin’s house “ugly action” and said that Dobkin himself provoked the attack.

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