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Satellite blindness

One of Russian bloggers known for his war reviews about Donbas decided to compare US digital photos of Russian troops in various regions made from satellites. He took photos from Donbas, Rostov region of Russia, Crimea as well as Syria. The comparison proved that US satellites made photos of high quality from everywhere excepting… Donbas.
Here are two typical photos. First of them is made near Russian town Millerovo just near Ukrainian boarder and the second in Donbas. The distance between these two points is about 150 kilometers but the difference in their quality is dramatic.



For more photos look here http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2404499.html
Blogger adds that even photos of high quality don’t make evidence of Russian military intervention to Ukraine easy, because Ukraine, Donbas rebels and Russia have very similar military technique. Most examples of missile, tanks and aircrafts are identical. That is why it is very strange to see US diplomats’ statements on Russian intervention relying only on low quality photos from Donbas. And the strangest fact is incapability of the US satellites to make good photos just from Donbas region while any other region is not a problem for them. In his opinion there is no technical explanation of this satellite blindness. Have Russian troops really entered Eastern Ukraine?

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