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Nuland voiced US spending on Ukrainian army

US spent almost 250 million dollars on training and equipment of the Ukrainian army.
A forum of the international organization “Yalta European Strategy” (YES) was hosted in Kiev these days. The forum was attended by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.
During the forum the leader of one discussion session asked Nuland: whether the United States would provide lethal military aid for Ukraine? She said in answer: “We provide military aid: 244 million dollars were spent on training and equipment of the Ukrainian army”. http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/politics/3562339-nuland-ozvuchyla-raskhody-ssha-na-ukraynskuui-armyui She added that the United States will be vigilant to the needs of Ukraine and immediately gave their definition instead of Ukrainian authorities. According to Nuland, the needs of Ukraine are a “need for diplomatic negotiations and maintenance of Minsk transactions from Russia and pro-Russian separatists”. Meanwhile, the long and unsuccessful attempts to implement the Minsk Agreement prove that their main offender is Kiev. However, Nuland was earlier featured unilateral and biased view at the Ukrainian conflict.

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