Moldovan Left take the initiative

The national crisis deepened in Moldova. Focused on European Union oligarchs brought the Moldovan society in a dead end. On this basis, mass protests have started in the country. First, the pro-Western forces tried to lead the protests. Many analysts have started talking about the beginning of the Maidan in Moldova.
However, the recent rallies of pro-Western forces have ceased to be widespread. But supporters of rapprochement with Russia became active in contrast to them. September 15 Moldovan Socialists held mass demonstrations calling for joining the Customs Union and the gap disadvantageous for Moldova agreements with the EU. The rally was attended by more than 40 thousand people.
September 27 supporters of the gap with the EU and close relations to Russia organized a more mass rally. It was attended by about 100 thousand people.
The rally organized by the Socialist Party and the “Our Party”. During the rally, protest leaders have formulated demands to the authorities: the resignation of the president of Moldova, the government, the heads of security agencies, as well as the release of political prisoners.
To show its seriousness, the protesters set several hundred tents and made their protest indefinite.


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