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60 participants of the rally in support of imprisoned journalists detained in Odessa

September 19, police arrested more than 60 participants of the rally in support of imprisoned journalists. Action “Free Buzila” took place near the remand prison №1 in Odessa, it was held in support of opposition journalist Artyom Buzila and his associates Elena Glischinskaya and Vitaliy Didenko. The event was attended by over 200 people. Supporters of jailed journalists unfurled a banner “FreeBuzila,” held posters with the image of Buzila, Glischinskaya and Didenko. The activists chanted: “Freedom for Buzila”. According to Ukrainian media, the police arrested more than 60 protesters and refused to give official comments.
Ukrainian security services arrested three journalists of Odessa at the end of April 2015. They are accused of separatism. Currently Didenko made a deal with the investigation: in exchange for recognition of his guilt, he received relaxed verdict. The rest of the journalists pleaded not guilty. As investigation has no strong evidence of their guilt, the court can justify them, so the trial of them has not begun yet. This is usual practice of lawlessness in Ukraine.

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