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Turkey | De-escalating Russia-West Military Tensions Before it’s Too Late

By Özdem Sanberk


UK | Solidarity with refugees march: Tens of thousands take to the streets along with new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Thousands of people have begun marching through the streets of central London today in support of refugees, calling on the British government to take a stronger stance in their handling of the crisis.
The Solidarity with Refugees march is thought to be the biggest national show of support for refugees in living memory, with a number of refugees leading the march to Parliament Square.
Almost 90,000 people have registered online to say they are attending in London and thousands more are expected in similar events across the country.
Bronze commander Chief Inspector Graham Price of Met Police said a “conservative” for numbers attending the demonstration as it arrived at Trafalgar Square was 50,000 but that number could rise.
He said: “So far the march has gone off smoothly. There have been no arrests and the atmosphere has been cheerful.”
Since the photograph of the drowned Syrian toddler Aylan al-Kurdi was shared around the world last week, support for refugees has reached new prominence, while many feel David Cameron’s pledge to resettle 20,000 refugees by 2020 falls short of the appropriate action needed.
The Independent has encouraged readers to sign our Change.org petition urging the Government to accept Britain’s fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe. To date, more than 380,000 people have signed up in support.
The new Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn joined the march in the wake of his landslide victory in the Labour leadership election.
Speaking at the march, Mr Corbyn said that there is a “popular uprising” across Europe “in favour of decency and humanity”.
He said that the nation must “spend our resources on helping and not hindering people and to bring about that world of human rights and justice.”
“We are all human beings on the same planet,” he added.
The speech ended to huge cheers from the teaming crowd, with Mr Corbyn joining musician Billy Bragg to sing The Red Flag – a socialist song and the semi-official anthem of the Labour party.
Beginning at Park Lane the march proceeded to Downing Street with speeches in Parliament Square, from a number of speakers including Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, Billy Bragg and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.
Mr Farron said David Cameron should be “ashamed” and that Britain’s response had “not been good enough”.
Ms Bennett said the refugee crisis was “yet another example of the Prime Minister acting along” and “ignoring a possible European solution”.
Marching from Hyde Park Corner on to Parliament the chant from the crowd was “say it clear, say it proud, refugees are welcome here”.
Leading the chant on Piccadilly was nine-year-old Maya, the daughter of a Chilean refugee. She led the call and response as her mother Isabelle Cortes, 43, looked on proudly, wrapped in Chilean flag.
“I came here in 1978 as a child,” said Ms Cortes. “My daughter is a daughter of a refugee. Britain opened its doors to my mother. She studied English and worked hard to raise me.”
“Cameron’s 20,000 is a joke. We must do more. I hope Corbyn is the start of that.”
The rally comes two days ahead of a summit of European leaders in Brussels to deal with the crisis, which is escalating across Europe.
The number of refugees and migrants that have crossed the Mediterranean so far has already doubled the total for last year, with around 432,761 estimated to have made the journey.
The protest is backed by organisations including Amnesty International, the Syria Solidarity Movement, Stand Up To Racism and Refugee Action.

Germany | German ministry of foreign affairs proceeds Normandy format meeting fruitful

Yesterday Normandy group had negotiations on Ukrainian crisis. German representatives published a statement about their intermediate results. They noticed some progress in many questions such as local elections in Ukraine, disarming at Donbas and some humanitarian problems. But they have not got details. Negotiations continues.