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UK | British media and public opinion are shocked with a video from Ukraine

“Mirror”: Ukrainian girl gives Nazi salute and boasts about ‘cutting Russians’ in shocking home video
The child holds a knife in her hands as she chants “Seig Heil (hail victory) and threatens to “cut Russians”
This shocking video appears to show a little girl brandishing a knife and raising her right hand in a Nazi salute.
The child, who looks no older then three, shouts “Seig Heil” (Hail victory!), a chant adopted in the 1930s by the Nazi Party to signal obedience to leader Adolf Hitler.
In her left hand she apparently holds a knife and stands in front of a computer screen showing a swastika, another Nazi symbol, on a Ukrainian flag.
In another frame she shouts, “Allahu Ekber” (God Is Greater), and a flag of the Islamic State is seen on a screen behind her.
She appears wearing a cap emblazoned with the Ukrainian coat of arms.
The act of using a child for propaganda purposes has been branded sick by commentators.
In the first video, which went viral, a voice is heard saying: “Are you going to cut Russians?
The girl who was holding a knife in her left hand then says “Da”, meaning yes.
Speaking in Ukrainian the man says: “What are you going to do?”
The youngster then says: “I am going to cut Russians! Gladly.”
As she is shouting, the man can be heard giggling in the background.
The girl then holds a knife and shouts again, “I am going to cut Russians” after which she appears to show exactly how she would do it. The girl waves around a knife as she boasts about ‘cutting Russians’
When the video started to go viral, the social media page was deleted, but it had already been downloaded and uploaded in places including YouTube, where it quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.
Comments underneath were heated between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian internet trolls attacking each other.
There were also those with more reasonable comments including Anna Mironenko who wrote: “Am I wrong in thinking that it is completely insane and inhumane to use a child as a propaganda tool?

USA | Flight MH-17: One Year Later

Over a year has passed since Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 was been shot out of the skies by somebody, but we still don’t know the truth and all sorts of hypotheses continue circulating on the Internet. In the West, the Emperor Barack decreed on the day after the actual shoot-down that the party responsible for this atrocity was, of course, the Novorussians. That is as predictable as it is irrelevant since not a shred of evidence has been presented by anybody in the West. In contrast, the Russians did provide quite a lot of evidence, but it was all immediately dismissed without further ado. Again, this is also as predictable as it is irrelevant. The undeniable fact is that the western narrative about the Ukraine absolutely mandates that either the Russians or the Novorussians shot down MH-17. Any other version is completely unacceptable and therefore shall never be considered, let alone accepted, by the western politicians and their corporate media.

USA | The walls Europe is building to keep people out

By Adam Taylor August 28

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, for a while it seemed like border fences and barriers were a thing of the past in Europe. Many on the continent hoped for a new era of integration and receptivity. It didn’t happen. Instead, various pressures have led Europe to adopt wall-building projects that would make Donald Trump proud.
Right now, in Hungary, for example, the government is rushing to complete a 109-mile-long barbed wire border fence along its southern frontier with Serbia – a project made bitterly ironic by Hungary’s 1989 decision to cut its border fence with Austria and help break the Iron Curtain. “We have only recently taken down walls in Europe,” European Union spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud said when news of the fence spread in June. “We should not be putting them up.”
The Hungarian government hopes this new fence will stem the flow of migrants and refugees traveling through Hungary on what has been referred to as the West Balkans route. In 2015, Hungary often serves as an entry point to the European Union and border control-free travel in the Schengen area for those crossing from Greece and the Balkans. In the immediate future, however, the fence may not have the desired effect. News of its construction has led refugees to race across the border into Hungary.
Hungary sparked international outrage by building a border fence in central Europe, but travel farther to the edges of Europe and you’ll see that it isn’t alone in this tactic.
Earlier this year, Bulgaria announced its own plan for a border fence that will eventually span 100 miles of its border with southern neighbor Turkey, though Reuters notes that migrants and refugees continue to enter the country at an unprecedented rate. Bulgaria’s wall sits not too far from a wall built by Greece in 2012. This wall, constructed with the intent of keeping out migrants and refugees crossing from Turkey, pales in comparison to the more recent walls. It covers just 6.5 miles of land border with Turkey (barriers were put up along the Evros River as well) and failed to stop the growing number of migrants who reached Greece by boat.
In the French town of Calais, the British government recently spent $10 million to erect improved fencing around the Channel Tunnel, a train link between France and Britain that has recently attracted relatively large numbers of migrants. Pascal Aerts, who leads the police assigned to the migrants in France, told the BBC that the fences would only push the problem elsewhere, most likely to ports in the Netherlands and Belgium. Barriers around the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco, significantly expanded in 2005, have done little to stem Europe’s overall migrant issues.
The walls going up in Europe aren’t all about migrants and refugees. In Ukraine, an enormous, $250 million plan to seal the 1,200-mile-long border with Russia is born of fear of Moscow’s destabilizing influence. Estonia has also pledged to build a fence along almost 70 miles of its border with Russia.