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The Slap in the Face to Odessa

August 25, a new patrol police was formed in Odessa, which is specially manned by people loyal to the dictatorship of Kiev. Guided by the criterion of loyalty the Interior Ministry has appointed the head of the Odessa Police Bogdan Fedun. Bogdan Fedun has proved his loyalty to Kiev. He was, until recently, served in the unit “Sokol” and repeatedly carried the tasks in the area of so-called anti-terrorist operation. But in Odessa, he became famous in other way. May 2, 2014, he, along with other “Sokol” soldiers took part in the arrest of people who had taken refuge in a shopping center “Athena”. Numerous Ukrainian media mention this fact in his biography http://timer-odessa.net/news/uchastnik_ato_boets_sokola_vozglavil_patrulnuyu_politsiyu_odessi_761.html http://telegraf.com.ua/tag/bogdan-fedun/ http://lenta.com.ua/1715080.html http://novosti.ua/politics/118005 http://news.online.ua/713826/patrulnuyu-politsiyu-odessy-vozglavit-bogdan-fedun/
The remains of warriors who were defeated by the Ukrainian fascists barricaded in the shopping center “Athena” that day. Police arrested these people and secretly put to a jail. They and their neighbors did not know where they were for several days. Only through sheer luck the location of these people was found, secret plans of Kiev were thwarted, and most of the detainees were released. However, some of the people arrested in “Athena”, are still in custody. They are accused of organizing riots on May 2 while the real criminals and murderers walk free, and proud of their crimes. And now Bogdan Fedun will maintain order in Odessa. His appointment is a slap in the face to all inhabitants of Odessa.

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