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The Murderer of a Little Girl was Rewarded the Order

March 16, in the town Konstantinovka Ukrainian army’s armored car crushed to death a little girl and seriously injured another girl and adult woman. The crew of the armored car was drunk, including the vehicle commander. Ukrainian military excesses caused a local revolt of Konstantinovka inhabitants. After that, two members of the crew were arrested, but later released on bail. Commander’s name is Marian Rak.

Rak has not appeared before the trial until now. Instead, a few days ago, he was rewarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Appropriate order was signed by the President of Ukraine Poroshenko.

According to regional media Rak was rewarded by Poroshenko personally. Public ceremony was held in Slaviansk on August 2.
Thus, the government, including the President of Ukraine, encourages the killing of civilians in a cynic and brutal manner.

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