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The Fascists Attacked the Women And Old Men in Odessa

August 2, about a hundred activists of Maidan in camouflage uniforms attacked the participants of the rally in memory of the victims of the tragedy on May 2 in Odessa.
Rallies in memory of those killed on May 2 held in Odessa every month. These are peaceful assemblies, visited mostly by relatives and friends of the people killed by the Nazis in the House of Trade Unions. Meetings are held on the area Kulikovo Field where the burned building is located.
Activists of Maidan came to Kulikovo field to the top of the memorial campaign planned at 18.00. They were led by notorious Odessa’s fascists Mark Gordienko and Eugene Rezvushkin. First they tried to shout to stop the rally, threatened individual activists. Police tried to prevent the clash of the parties.

Then they moved on to more action. In particular, the group of fascists attacked the activists brought the traditional black box balls that run each month in the sky in memory of the victims. To destroy these balls, Maidan supporters used slingshots specially brought for this purpose. This proves that the attack was planned in advance.
Policemen could not or did not want to prevent this attack.

One of the journalists has suffered during the event too: Maidan activists attacked him, took and stole his camera and mobile phone.
According to the available information, none of the Maidan activists, taking part in an attack on a rally and a journalist, is detained.

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