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The confrontation escalates in Donbas

From the evening of August 12 there was a sharp deterioration of the military situation in the Donbas. Ukrainian artillery intensified shelling of rebel cities across all the line of contact with the People’s Republic of Donetsk. Multiple rocket launchers “Grad” were used during shelling intensely. After a long break the shelling affected Makeyevka. As usual, Gorlovka was under the most powerful bombardment. PRD Army responded to attacks with the use of launchers “Grad”. Thus, Minsk Agreement ceased to be respected.
There was a promotion of the Ukrainian Army mechanized units to the front lines. The maneuvers of the Ukrainian Army are recorded in the region of Volnovakha. There was the battle of the White Kamenka (near New Laspa). PRD troops repulsed the attack of the Ukrainian army, inflicting considerable losses.
Due to the deterioration of the situation alarm was declared in the PRD army. PRD authorities expect a quick onset of the Ukrainian army. In Donetsk, the rumors about the departure of the OSCE monitoring mission have shared. If this is true, we can expect the beginning of active hostilities in fact.

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