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Saakashvili will plunder state property of Ukraine in the Odessa region

August 12
Odessa Regional Council gave up a part of its powers in matters of privatization of state property and handed them over to the governor Saakashvili. Now Saakashvili and his subordinates will themselves determine the procedure for the privatization of any object in the Odessa region. In turn, Saakashvili said that the Ukrainian government is going to pass at the disposal of the region a part of the state property belonging directly to Kiev. http://timer-odessa.net/news/oblastnoy_sovet_peredal_saakashvili_polnomochiya_po_privatizatsii_kommunalnoy_sobstvennosti_399.html Thus, Saakashvili will determine the order of the privatization of a large number of enterprises.
The Ukrainian government plans to privatize a number of large enterprises in the Odessa region in the near future. Among them are several large ports and a factory in Yuzhny, which produces ammonia and carbide. All these enterprises are highly profitable, and American corporations have shown an increased interest to them. Saakshvili’s role is a well-defined in these plans: to privatize profitable companies so that the American owners get maximum benefits, and Ukraine the maximum loss.

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