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Saakashvili Takes Revenge on Reminder of the War in South Ossetia

As a part of “Odessa political forum” in August 8 the documentary film “War 08.08.08. The art of betrayal” was demonstrated. It was about the war in South Ossetia started by Saakashvili. As the organizers of film report, it was visited by more than 100 people.

At the same day, the organizer of “Odessa political forum” Maria Maevskaya was detained by the Security service of Ukraine (SBU), but only for questioning. SBU detained her shortly before the meeting of the Forum – for questioning as a witness in the case of separatism. They have arrested her firstly and only after arrest they presented a summons for questioning, which is a flagrant violation. In the summons they misspelled her name. On this basis Maria Maevskaya refused to go in for questioning. “At first, they tried not to pay attention to my words, but I opened the door and said that I would jump on the move. It worked; we stopped and waited untill correct summons will be brought to us. Then, when it was brought, we went in for questioning on charges of separatism”, – says Maevskaya.
“Personally, I do not understand what relation the meeting devoted to the events in South Ossetia, is the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, – surprised Maria Maevskaya.
In our opinion, separatism is just a pretext. American protege Saakashvili very sharply perceives any criticism. Apparently, a reminder of the war crimes of the former president of Georgia was so unpleasant to him that he ordered the SBU to intimidate Maevskaya.

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