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Politically motivated arrest in Italy

Igor Markov, one of the leaders of the Rescue Committee of Ukraine, was arrested in Italy. He was arrested at August 12 by Interpol on the Ukraine’s demand. The official pretext for arrest is an old incident dates by 2007 year. At one rally Markov had slightly beaten Ukrainian fascist. This is not serious crime, and the limitation period for crime prosecution has finished many years before according to actual Ukrainian laws. But due to political reasons of his opponents he was prosecuted on this pretext by former presidents of Ukraine, firstly by Yushchenko, secondly by Yanukovich. New president Poroshenko continues this tradition. According to Interior ministry of Ukraine, Ukrainian police insists on extradition of Markov to Ukraine. If Italy agrees, he will fell in the hands of his sworn political enemies.
So the Rescue committee of Ukraine is a real danger for dictatorial regime in Kiev. If they started to catch its members just after committee was proclaimed, it means that they are really afraid. Moreover, if Markov was so quickly arrested in one of the Western countries, it means that Western powers agreed to Poroshenko and his team.

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