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Democracy in Ukrainian

August 3, Kharkov branch of the organization “Opposition bloc” required to register it and be allowed to participate in local elections. After its rally the party’s office in Kharkov was attacked by local fascists. There were about 70 people with a firearm. Among fascist organizations were seen members of the “Right Sector” and “Civil guards”. The besieged people in the office held off the attackers for several hours. Finally, the police intervened in the conflict. It did not touch attackers, but was able to withdraw besieged people from the building. During the confrontation the Nazis burned the bus and kidnapped one of the activists of the “Opposition bloc”.
The next day, August 4, Kharkov regional Department of Justice announced that it will not register the local organization of the political party “Opposition bloc”. To this end, it has found purely formal grounds. But in fact it has satisfied the requirements of the Nazis.
“The Opposition bloc” in Kharkov is one of the most popular parties, but now the people of this great city will not be able to vote for it in local elections scheduled for the autumn.

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